Two of Disks. Change. 

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Hello, here is my Two of Disks Tarot card. I want it simple and duotones. There is a circulation movement  a bit like water  waves in it, making me wonder if I should not have named it Two of Cups! Something to consider when making a reading. Marc Bestgen


Abstract symbolism. Lol. Eight of Disks.

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Not really my week. There’s this lady who saw my cards on Twitter and told me I’m weird. Funny from someone who’s profile picture shows her beating a crying kid. Anyway. To the requests, I introduce symbolism, yes, there are eight disks on my card. One is a bit hidden… (nice way saying I forgot drawing one). Tough part on all of my cards is the integration of text because of the colour’s firework I can’t make the text stand out. I should  think about a border since all Tarot cards developers for last three hundred years use one not without a reason. Have fun watching this full of funky colours image and thank you for reading for those who did! Marc Bestgen


Sketching ideas, beers and a selfie! 


I sometimes do drafts (here for the Nine of Disks card), on the terasse’s shadow,  I drink green beer, and I also selfie :) Good day! Marc


Is symbolism still needed in Tarot?

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Lately I was asked to add, and several repetead times,  symbolism elements to my cards to have an easier identification of the cards. For instance to draw six swords on the Six of Swords card. This is what I did not want to do when I started my deck. I wanted no symbolism to appear so the reader’s mind can travel without the symbols borders. Seeing Six Swords or Three Cups or a Prince on Fire immediatelly triggers an interpretation Tarot readers know by heart. I wanted readers to dream, think, travel watching the abstract images of my cards. I did not want a mapped deck as almost all Tarot decks are. But it seems to me few people are ready for this. I’m asked for symbols at best, and openly criticized at worst. I will think about it. I just wish people be sometimes more open-minded and not absorbed in a reassuring routine. I wish people take risks, try something different. I won’t change my style and might add some elements of older Tarot to help people identify a card but I won’t create one more many times copied deck. Marc Bestgen


9 & 10 of Disks: Tarot cards that might bite.

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Probably because I’m having a fresh beer on a rocking chair in the middle of palm-trees: I search for contrasts, herewith weird dark Nine and Ten of Disks. Cheers! Marc Bestgen


Five and Seven of Wands

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Five and Seven of Wands herewith!


Who wants a Tarot deck printed? 

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Hello! Some of you ask and thank you, how to pre-order my Tarot deck. I write this short post with that in view, answering some questions:

– I want to finish the deck cerca end February 2016. 

– Just send me your wish to buy a deck from the contact page with your first name, name and email. Note I will verify the email adress provided for fake ones (catched some already, not fun). Idea is to know if I must print more like ten or hundred.

– No idea how much I will ask. Probably a bit more then a deck bought in shop because I do not produce in huge quantities and won’t have printing discounts unless many demands.

– Yes some of you will get one free because supporting and commenting me so often!

– No need sending money now 

That’s it! Marc Bestgen


Tarot cards drafts: they didn’t make it.

photo 1-01-16 20 37 42-1

Some drafts, some I kept, some I let down. The b&w one I let down but might use it for a pack illustration. 



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